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My bigger programs and libraries:
  • Botes - a plaintext notetaking GUI app I wrote for personal use (Free Pascal, Lazarus).
  • Blaxor - a hex viewer that can handle large files (C++, FLTK).
  • zipsavings - show information about archive file's efficiency (Python, calls 7z and my csoinfo executables).
  • Viewpic - a simple image viewer (Python3, Qt5, PySide2).
  • LuaConsole - an in-game style dev console for Lua (C++, SFML, can be easily used with other libs).
  • LuaConsoleProgram - example program using above console (C++, SMFL).
My self-contained pure C utilities:
  • analyzepng - print information about a PNG file's chunks and such.
  • muhdnscache - prints contents of your Windows DNS cache using an undocumented function in dnsapi.
  • binarypic - convert binary file to/from greyscale PNG to show patterns, swathes of one value, etc. at a glance.
  • topng - convert an image to png (Image Magick and ffmpeg can do the job too if you have them).
  • pixelsum - decode an image file and hash its pixels (to make sure an optimized, etc. image is 100% the same).
  • csoinfo - print info about a CSO file's compression (Windows only, can easily be made cross-platform).
  • bliso - rip a CD/DVD to an ISO file (direct byte by byte copy, Windows only, use dd on Linux).
  • rampin - memory maps and touches files to ensure they're cached in RAM (Windows only, for Unix alternative see vmtouch).
  • shell - a very minimal Linux/Unix shell, just as the one I once wrote in C class, but this one was written afresh.
  • blawork - simple API with pure C fallback around few threading APIs to offload one function to a thread.
  • blasha1 - a pure C SHA1 implementation, made for fun and to learn and experiment.
  • blawmain - a header that wraps main/wmain to make it easier to write portable UTF-8 args aware CLI programs.
  • colors - pipe to color same words same colors randomly to make it easier to see common words.
  • snore - a command that works like sleep but prints a dot or a countdown number every second.
  • blammap - wrapper for read only memory mapping a file (WIP).
  • sack - a struct to keep track of pointers and free them all at once to simplify code dealing with many small buffers.
Games I've made:
  • Man - clone of PacMan, written for a class (C++, SFML).
  • Missles - clone of classic Missile Command game, written for gamedev.net 2018 new year challenge (Lua, LOVE2D).
  • Routing Game - clone of an old game I had that I forgot the name of (C++, SFML).
  • Heart - a rythm and color matching game inspired by a YouTube video of someone's color matching game (C++, SFML).
  • Snek - clone of the classic Snake game (C++, SFML).
Other things I've made or done:
  • Unicode Analyze Page - webpage to analyze Unicode string and script to generate JSON data for it, see in action here.
  • Brújula Prompt - a light git prompt that calls no external programs so it's snappy on Windows where that's heavy
  • stbi crashing bug report - credit for finding a crashing bug in stb_image (accessing an uinitialized pointer).
  • SFML WAV bugfix - diagnosed and fixed a WAV bug (cracking/pop due to reading metadata as samples) in SFML.
  • Windows ramdisk in duf - noticed that duf on Windows doesn't recognize the ramdisk I use and helped add this feature.
  • Polyglot Request - a tiny polyglot file using requests, valid as both Lua and Python.
  • AchBall translation - translated AchBall into Polish (credited as FRex).
  • FoxRaycaster - Wolf3D style raycaster, based on a tutorial.
  • Fox2 - same as above but optimize and with an NVidia CUDA path, written for class.
  • FizzBuzz - a collection of solutions of popular FizzBuzz problem in few languages.
  • Euler - Haskell solutions to few Project Euler problems, done to get used to Haksell for my class at the time.
  • cmvdecode - Python script to decode Creative's old CMV "video" format.
  • brender - a basic 3D software renderer, with perspective correct texturing, written for class.
  • Bla Paste Bin - 1-file PHP pastebin-like webapp. A PHP Hello World basically. Just for fun, not for real use.
  • Hashell - small shell in Haskell, has pipes and works on Windows and Linux. Written for a class.
My Greasy Fork scripts for YouTube: Very handy programs I use and recommend (not made by me):
  • ffmpeg (and ffprobe) - all around tool to work with audio and video files, has convenient statically linked Windows builds.
  • ImDisk - a RAM disk for Windows.
  • Icaros - Windows Explorer extension that provides info and thumbnail for mkv, webm, etc.
  • optipng - a lossless PNG optimizer, useful for websites, sharing PNGs, shipping game assets, etc.
  • busybox-w32 - Windows build of BusyBox, very useful, rename to ash.exe to launch that shell on doubleclick.
  • GNU Units - very useful tool for units and currency conversions.
  • WinDirStat - GUI tool to visualise disk usage (faster alternatives that use NTFS MFT exist).
  • Everything - GUI Windows filename search engine that provides instantaneous results.
  • Diskovery - a neat windows GUI tool to show all the disks and detailed information about them.
  • CrystalDiskMark and Info - two tools, one to benchmark drives, another to list their information.